Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Howdy all.  I write at this late hour and I am looking forward to meeting some friends.  Don't you get tired of reading the same old stuff on the internet?  Who wants to go to Facebook or venture to a dating site, (surely not an old lady like me.) I am happy to have found this page and really need someone to talk to.  Please tell me of your concerns and worries; tell me about anything and I will do the same. I am a nurse and maybe we can help each other.  Also my kids bug me.  They are all gone and grown, but still kids bug you.  How about yours?
I am a writer.  My book will be called "Whatever" and will be on the news stands on December 15.  I have written 5 books so far (published) and 15 poems (published) and three magazine articles.  Do you want to share recipes or talk about foods?  I am a diabetic and must watch what I eat but I love to talk about food.   I am married, with 4 grown kids, and would love to chat with you.